QBurst Security Testing Browser Bundle


PenQ is a free and open source Linux based penetration testing browser bundle built over Mozilla Firefox. It has been built with the objective to make security testing more accessible to everyone, thus helping to build more safe and secure web applications.

PenQ comes pre configured with security tools for spidering, advanced web searching, web application fingerprinting, integrated Tor for anonymous browsing, web server scanning, Web application fuzzing & brute force, testing SQL and XSS injections, exploit database lookups, report generation, SSH, FTP, IRC chat and lots more.

The browser bundle also gives the user one click quick access to system utilities such as shell, gedit, system configurations, system monitor, system logs, network tools etc thereby providing more control and easy access.

The browser bundle has been made for Debian based Linux distros and should work on all Debian/Ubuntu based distributions including Security Testing Operating systems such as BackTrack Linux and Kali Linux.

PenQ browser bundle includes

The following OWASP Tools Access to the following system utilities Following Mozilla Addons The following search options GreaseMoneky scripts

Installing PenQ

NOTE: Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distros are needed to install PenQ

Running PenQ

You can run PenQ by either

Feedback & Suggestions

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